The Nine Domains Approachsm can be helpful to…

  • identify imbalances in team functioning and performance and work on the appropriate Domains to bring things into balance
  • develop teams where they are weak or missing essential Domains
  • support high performing teams and their ability to influence other teams and the whole organization
  • prepare people for organizational change that requires fundamentally new ways of thinking and working
  • provide a practical language and approach (Levels and Domains) for leaders to talk about human dynamics in a simple and useful manner
  • cross-check a project / system / process / methodology to make sure that all of the necessary and essential elements or functions have been considered
  • stimulate fundamental change and / or facilitate growth by giving a framework for an exchange of ideas that without which it would be difficult to initiate or sustain
  • have improved team performance by providing a framework for motivations, behaviors, attitudes, values, and beliefs