The Nine Domains Approach is a true holistic method for enhancing the health, well-being and success of any team. In the field of organizational development, I believe this offering is on the cutting edge of creating a sustainable shift in the way in which we can fully appreciate and embrace all individual contributions to the organization as a whole.

Kathleen T. Sullivan
Leading Deeply, LLC
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The Nine Domains is a breakthrough approach in not only assessing teams and organizations but, more importantly, in providing the awareness, tools, and interventions to bring them to healthier, more creative and collaborative high performance. Nine Domains brings permission and encouragement to creativity, debate and diversity to overcome common and uncommon business challenges.

David B. Savage
Savage Management Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My experience of the accuracy of the tool (TOLAT), coupled with the Nine Domains knowledge, and the Levels of Functioning really assisted me as facilitator to deliver meaningful, impactful, and accurate messages to each team. In turn, they could acknowledge and own their processes and current realities. It was fascinating to watch them receive their Levels of Functioning results – it appeared as though they could finally ‘name’ for themselves what they had been experiencing but struggled to find a language for, or know what was going on for them in their respective teams and in the organization at large.

This process and way of working is powerful. To experience it directly, which I now have, I can truly say that I can’t wait to work with more teams with the Nine Domains Approach. Well done to you all for your continued work on the Nine Domains Approach. May the magic of this work continue to find its way further and further across the globe.

Anita Craig
Western Cape, South Africa

Consultants may unconsciously move a team in a direction that is colored by their own standpoints in relation to their filters and pitfalls (fixation and passion), which do not necessarily benefit the team. The Nine Domains Approach enables consultants to facilitate teams in the direction THEY NEED in order to work as optimal as possible. It is difficult for a doctor to operate a patient without access to X-ray. The Nine Domains Approach is the consultants x-ray equipment.

Eva Steira

Like many leadership and team development professionals, I have been through countless training and certification programs over the years. While many of them have value, few of them seem to have lasting relevance, and many come to be viewed as the “program du jour.” The Nine Domains Training is different in a number of important and profound ways. First, it is embedded in a universal and timeless model that addresses what any system needs in order to be whole, healthy and resilient. While buzzwords may come and go, these universal principles continue to manifest, over and over again, illuminating the deeper truths about why some organizations thrive and others don’t, and what can be done to address that. Second, The Nine Domains Approach cross-references the Nine Domains of effective systems with the Levels of Functioning of those Domains, providing a comprehensive and sophisticated look at the dynamics at work in a team or organization. This precision allows the practitioner to really target the interventions and practices that will be most useful for the client. Finally, I have to speak to the organization and the group of people that this work represents. I can only describe my affiliation with The Nine Domains work and the Enneagram Institute as one of the great privileges of my professional life. It is rare to have the opportunity to collaborate with people of such remarkable integrity, presence and groundedness. I always leave my encounters with these folks enriched in indescribable ways, and far better equipped to do the big work of developing leaders for the present and the future.

Barbara Poole, M.S., MCC,
Partner and co-founder, Leading Deeply, LLC
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

A fundamental premise of our practice is to consider, among other things, how context informs an executive’s coaching topic. A key learning from the Enneagram is that the inner experience of various Types can manifest itself in seemingly identical exterior behavior; therefore, coaching “behaviors” ignores the individual’s mindset. In a similar vein, many assessment tools are available to synthesize team behaviors. However, the TOLAT survey and a Nine Domains facilitator provides a one-of-a-kind lens to “look as” the team and better appreciate the team’s inner experience. The Nine Domains body of knowledge provides deep insight into how to use this “looking as” lens to design practices / interventions that can support both individuals and teams in developing the skills and competencies necessary to fulfill on their objectives.

Steve Benson
Principal and Certified Integral Coach
Inner Passage

The Nine Domains Approach provides a refreshing and powerful new way to precisely identify, understand and intervene in the areas or “blind spots” which are preventing teams and organizations from simply being their best. I attended the Facilitator’s Training in November 2010 and was impressed by the rich content and significant reference materials provided, the in-depth knowledge, openness and the fun & engaging nature of the Nine Domains Group as well as the mature contributions and rich interactions I had with all participants. I left the 9D training well-equipped and prepared to invite organizations on a new journey down a different path – one in which they may even potentially redefine the meaning of success.

Peter McGaugh
Owner, Take 5 Coaching & Engagement Solutions
Kirkland, Quebec, Canada

For over 20 years both my personal and professional work with the Enneagram has made a huge difference in my life. Professionally I work with many types of assessment tools, but consistently the Enneagram has provided the greatest insight and transformative power to my clients. But now, after taking the Nine Domains Training, I have a new conceptual framework, a set of assessments and key strategies and applications to transform teams and entire organizations! Knowing at what Level a team is operating and what Domains are missing in their organizational life opens a specific and natural pathway for a team to develop and grow to the next level of their capability and competence.

David Kyle
Partner, Lind & Kyle Consultants

Like a community of people, a relationship, or your physical body, businesses are complex interrelated systems. The TOLAT is able to get to the heart of any related system and business. We have used the TOLAT when understanding a team before an executive search, and are currently using the TOLAT to integrate two distinct firm cultures. The Nine Domains Approach and the TOLAT have been invaluable in helping us to begin to understand what is truly at play in an organization before we even walk through the organization’s doors.

Catherine Bell and Carolyn Duckworth
Directors, BluEra, a member of AESC, Canada