The Nine Domains Group was formed at the invitation of Don Riso, president and co-founder (with Russ Hudson) of The Enneagram Institute. Don conceived of the TOLATsm questionnaire as a business application of his earlier discovery of the Levels of Development which, until that time, had been only applied to individuals. Don realized that the Levels could also be used to measure the Level of healthy functioning of a group or organization. However, doing so would involve conceiving of the Enneagram personality types horizontally (across all nine types at the same Level) instead of vertically, within each type, as Don had been doing up to that time.

He invited a handful of highly experienced senior Enneagram Institute students who were also long-standing business consultants. “The Nine Domains Group” started meeting in The Barn at The Enneagram Institute headquarters in Stone Ridge, New York in April 2009 to develop the Nine Domains Approachsm and all of its elements. For more about Group members, click below on their names.

Don Riso

Russ Hudson

Monika Adelfang

Barry Coltham

Joni Peddie

Joyce Stenstrom