The following are some of the main tangible benefits of becoming a Nine Domains (9D) Facilitator. We think, however, that the most important will be intangible and deeply personal.

You will have the satisfaction of being a pioneer in the business world by providing a new source of insight into organizational problems. The application of The Nine Domain Approachsm will greatly help you target practical, precise solutions for improving team interactions, group understanding, candor, and resilience—leading to a better quality of life for those who are exposed to this material.

Moreover, we hope that by becoming a Nine Domains Facilitator, you will find deep personal satisfaction and joy in facilitating truly meaningful work with teams and organizations by means of a system that is simple, clear, specific, and complete.

This is a means of bringing the Enneagram to organizations in a way that is far less threatening than the personality-based, typology approach. With The Nine Domains Approachsm, you will be doing something that has never been done before—bringing a depth of understanding and insight within teams that creates ownership within the team for its own health and sustainability.

Benefits of attending the Nine Domains Training program

  • You will be trained by “the source” of this exciting new approach to the Enneagram, Don Riso and The Nine Domains Group. Don conceived of this approach and wrote all of the surveys with the assistance of the 9D Group. For those who want a transmission from the originator(s) of this material, this is your chance.
  • You will have the opportunity to not only immerse yourself in The Nine Domains Approachsm but to help shape the future of this valuable work. You will be at the beginning of the transmission of a new and revolutionary way to understand and work with people.
  • You will develop an understanding of measuring the Level of Functioning in Nine Domains, and in so doing have the ability to offer new insights and highly specific guidance to your clients, which is precise, practical & perceptive.
  • With time, you will have the opportunity to interpret and explain each of the 9D Surveys. A detailed 9D computerized analysis, specifying the results of your group’s functioning is provided only to you as a 9D Facilitator.
  • You will have a chance to meet, learn from, and build relationships with other potential 9D Facilitators from around the world.

Benefits as a result of attending the Nine Domains Training

  • Immediate access to the TOLATsm (Team and Organization Level Assessment Tool)
  • Invitations to attend the advanced 9D Training Programs for administering and interpreting the other 9D Surveys.

Benefits for generating revenue for yourself

  • A major benefit of the 9D Program is its exceptionally low cost for training in view of “value provided.” Specifics about revenue generation and sharing are spelled out in the “Financial Agreement“ document.
  • You will be eligible for referrals for consultation work as invitations come to us. We will give you the Client’s contact details and then the referral fee you pay us will be 20% of your fee to that Client. This will be the case for the first year, reduced to 15% for the second year (should you still be working with that Client), and nothing thereafter.
  • Several outstanding new 9D Facilitators will be invited to become Trainers of the 9D materials, enabling them to train Facilitators in other countries and languages. Details TBA.

Looking forward … as a trained 9D Facilitator

  • There are no additional requirements for presenting the 9D material; i.e., no “certification program” or essays to complete. As soon as you take the training program and feel ready, you can use it with your clients. Our training equips you to combine your experience with the 9D Approach.
  • There are no “hidden costs.” Accounting for royalties (for your use of the 9D materials) is simple, straightforward, and on “the honor system.” We are interested in empowering you to bring these new tools to: teams, business units, organizations, sports, and recreational groups-and groups of any kind that wishes to understand themselves and to work together more effectively.