The Nine Domains Facilitator’s Training

The Nine Domains Approach introduces new tools and concepts that profoundly increase group and organizational well-being.  By providing practical means to assess the current, overall functioning of a group — we call these The Levels of Functioning – the Nine Domains Approach provides an important starting point for working with a group “where it is at.”  We then build on The Levels of Functioning by identifying specific individual and communal behaviors that affect the performance of a group. These behaviors, in turn, reflect more general aspects which we call The Nine Domains.  It is the precise intersection of these two constructs—The Levels of Functioning and The Nine Domains – that provides a completely new means of fostering group understanding and sustainability. The Nine Domains Approach is nuanced enough to capture the unique make-up of a particular group and also simple enough to point to practical next steps. The Nine Domains Approach creates a safe environment which enables essential conversations to take place—conversations in which it is possible to raise challenging issues as well as to call forth “the higher nature” of each individual within the group and “the higher nature” of the group as a whole.

The Levels of Functioning is based on the seminal discoveries of Don Riso who discovered the Levels of Development with respect to Enneagram personality types. The Nine Domains were developed by Don and others in the Nine Domains Group as a new way to work with the Enneagram. This holistic approach to understanding living systems in general provides a timely and refreshing way to work with groups.


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