Groups that take the TOLATsm administered by a 9D Facilitator

When the TOLATsm is given to a group and administered by a 9D Facilitator, Facilitators are given access to a wide range of ways to interpret, summarize, and display the data. The primary display of the Facilitated TOLATsm is shown in five TOLAT Graphs (one for each Level). These five core graphs allow an understanding of how each of the Nine Domains is being expressed in the particular group which has been tested Level-by-Level and Domain-by-Domain. That is, how the Domains are being expressed in their authentic, balanced form (Level 3) and also how the Domains are being expressed in their distorted (ego-based) forms (Levels 4-6) and in their highly distorted form (Level 7). In other words, the TOLATsm can be used to identify the real strengths of a group as well as be an early indicator of future trouble.

An important feature of the TOLATsm is that it provides a means for Facilitators to probe the survey results in ways that are most useful for the situation and to incorporate the data displays in their reports. The TOLATsm displays are designed so that it is easy to either go deeper into the data or to get a broader perspective. The TOLATsm survey can incorporate several demographics which will increase insight into the dynamics of the group. For example, if gender is designated as a demographic, the results would show, Domain-by-Domain, how women view this team relative to men. If longevity on the team is chosen as demographic, the results would reveal if newcomers see the group differently, and if so, in which Domains?

It is important to note that the Nine Domains Group has designed the TOLATsm (and other surveys) in such a way that anonymity of individuals who take the tests is strictly maintained. Facilitators will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality.