The TOLATsm (Team & Organization Level Assessment Tool)

Measuring the Level of Functioning of a Team

The TOLATsm is the basic diagnostic test of the Nine Domains Approachsm. It combines the five Levels of Functioning with the nine Domains of a whole system. The result is that it is able to survey a team or organization’s degree of health evenly and non-redundantly. The TOLATsm requires people to respond to challenging statements about the team and organization to which they belong—these statements represent issues that are often avoided. Ironically, the avoidance of these issues prevents teams from changing and growing.
Individuals respond to 45 statements using a 5-point Likert frequency scale. The balanced nature of the statements that make up the TOLATsm thus acts as a foundation for working with group dynamics. This core test generates a wealth of data for Leadership, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Change Management, and for anyone who needs to have a clear picture of the how well their group or organization is functioning.
The TOLATsm is available on-line and can be used by an individual or by a team (under the guidance of a trained 9D Facilitator). An individual can take the TOLATsm while reflecting on their personal perspective of a team’s Level of Functioning. An individual can also take it by reflecting on themselves which would reveal their own individual Level of Functioning.

When the TOLATsm is administered to an entire team or organization by a trained 9D Facilitator, the electronic analysis not only reveals the team’s Level of Functioning as a whole, it also provides the Facilitator with a wealth of extensive analytic and interpretative materials and graphs. The precision that is possible with the facilitated TOLATsm becomes the foundation for extremely useful insights which can lead to long-lasting, meaningful change.